It’s been more than 2 years since I bought a pair of running shoes.  Now, before you utter a well-deserved “tsk”, I had good reason.  My running days were put in a holding pattern for about 35 weeks.  With the upcoming arrival of our baby, I was relegated to walking all of last summer and early fall.  While I was totally frustrated with the snails pace in June, by August I had settled into this relaxed workout schedule.  Then late fall came, along with our Little Man and I found myself focused only on working to keep our son happy (and alive).  Along with adjusting to the huge lifestyle change, it’s Wisconsin…the winter weather added another hurdle to getting in a good run.

When spring finally showed up, I knew I would need new running shoes.  The pair I had loved (for way too long) were New Balance 880s, but  after carrying a human for almost 9 months, I knew it was possible that things had changed.  I grabbed a few styles that I thought might be good and asked Dad to fit me.  (It’s impossible for me to fit myself, since bending over to check changes everything about how your foot sits in the shoes.)  I tried styles with more stability and more substantial outsoles, but in the end, I went back to an update of my old friend, the 880, and I’m so happy I did!

While I’ve been on a few short runs over the past weeks, today I finally felt like a runner again.  These shoes are so awesome!  They’re so lightweight, and wrap around my feet perfectly – it’s as if they were made for just for me.  My puppy, Captain, and I put in our longest run in a long time – a whole 2 miles!  My feet felt (and still feel) great.  I had the support I needed underfoot with every step.  The arch pain that I had been experiencing in my old (broken-down) shoes was gone.  My gate was comfortable and easy….almost like I was bouncing with each step.

Best of all, Captain was no longer dragging me along.  I think I actually tired him out today.  That’s a first! I was so excited, I thought I’d take a seat in the middle of our quiet country road and tell you all about it…




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