Are you one of the lucky ones who is planning an escape from our winter weather?  Or maybe you’re just dreaming of the warmer days to come? 

Either way, you’ve probably taken stock of your current summer shoe collection.  They were most likely tossed into a closet after a summer of fun without a second thought and now you’re thinking twice about how to make them presentable for spring 2016.  Well, here are a few steps that will get your freshly pedicured tootsies out the door in no time!

For Suede Footbeds: Sandpaper

Yes, raid your husband’s stash for a fine grain sandpaper and sand away last summer’s dirt and grime.  Two notes of caution, though:

  • First, brush off any loose dirt first with a shoe brush or old toothbrush.  
  • Next, don’t be too aggressive – you don’t want to sand off the suede!

For Leather and Synthetic Footbeds: Soap & Water

If your sandals have a leather insole, you can typically clean them up with a damp rag and a little dish soap as needed.  Synthetic footbeds will probably need a little extra elbow grease – grab that old toothbrush and make some bubbles.  Some sandals (such as Keens) with synthetic footbeds can actually be run through a short cold cycle in your washing machine.  Please consult one of the experts at Klika Shoes before throwing them in the machine.  We wouldn’t want you to ruin a great pair of sandals!


UV light can help to prevent the growth of fungus and certain bacteria that can cause odor.  So give your sandals a little time in the sun – but not too much – they can get sunburnt just like us.  If you’re not careful, your cute red sandals will be pale pink!  Oh, and cork is not a fan of the sun, so any cork footbeds should have minimal time soaking up the sun’s rays.

Freshen the leather

Now that you’ve got the footbed all squared away, time to refresh the leather upper.   Use a product such as Weather Guard’s Leather Balsam to moisten and brighten leathers that have been worn by a summer of fun. 

While these are wonderful tricks to refresh your well-loved sandals from seasons past, don’t forget to come check out the new spring 2017 styles that are arriving daily; we have some great products coming in.  One of them is bound to become your new favorite!

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