Boston Marathon bound: 

Menominee Falls resident and Green Bay native, John, will be running in his 3rd Boston marathon (26.2 miles) on Monday, April 17th. He’s taken a bit of a break, though, as the last Boston Marathon he did was 21 years ago.  John is a great Klika Shoes customer, and generously offered to take us along as he prepares for this challenge.


Klika Shoes:  What is your running background?

John:   I’ve been running for over 40 years.  The first time I ever ran was the first Bellin Run in Green Bay.  The impact running and the Bellin run has had on me can’t be over stated.  In the 40 years since I ran my first Bellin, I’ve participated in every Bellin Run, proposed to my wife during the ’92 Bellin and competed on the high school and collegiate-level.  Personally, I’ve worked to promote and encourage running to anyone who is interested.   Watching people who have little experience or God given talent accomplish a running event has always been very inspiring for me.

Klika Shoes:  What does a “typical” week of running look like for you?

John:   I work at Marquette University in Milwaukee.  The university has a supportive environment for running and all physical fitness.  I typically run 6 days a week with a Marquette University running group.  A week consists of long runs, track workouts, and tempo runs.  The fellowship and variety of work outs alleviates much of the doldrums that can be associated with running.

Klika Shoes:  How has your training been different for preparing for the Boston Marathon?

John:  Volume of miles and intensity of speed workouts are the biggest difference.  Over the last few weeks, I’ve averaged about 80 miles/week.  In addition, we do an intense track workout that includes short (quarter mile to mile) repeats at a faster pace.   Additionally, every weekend I run a long run of about 20-22 miles at one time.  It’s very time consuming.

Klika Shoes:  What type of shoes and clothing do you wear?

John:  Your feet are your foundation.  It’s important to have shoes that fit, are proper for your body type, and handle your type of workouts.   My training shoes are the New Balance 860’s.  Klika Shoes recommended them to me a few years ago.  The shoe fits well and can handle the high mileage.  I give all the credit to Dave and the Klika Shoes staff for listening to me and setting me up with what works best for me.

I will wear a racing shoe for the actual marathon.  The difference will be weight.  Racing shoes are much lighter, but you compromise a bit on support.  For most people, you can run a race in the same shoe you train in.   I will work with Klika Shoes over the next few weeks to decide what shoe to race in.

The clothing changes a lot based on the weather.  Simply put, you just want to dress to be comfortable with the temperature.  Just don’t overdress.  You will warm up quickly after about 5 mins of running.

Klika Shoes:  What are your training plans for the final few weeks prior to the Boston Marathon? 

John:  With about 3 weeks remaining, I will put in about 70 miles this week and put in my longest run (22 miles) of preparation on Saturday.   Following this week, the final two weeks will be a gradual taper of miles and intensity to allow my body to rest and recover as the marathon gets closer.

Keep in touch, as we follow John’s journey to Boston – right through the finish line…

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